Mayes County 911

911 Office

Addressing Info

To request a new address or an address verification online, perform the following steps:

  • If you are requesting a new address and do not share a driveway with an existing addressed structure, you will need to place a stake at the driveway entrance with your last name and a flag.
  • Go to the Oklahoma eCOP map site.
  • Select Mayes County (in yellow) on the Oklahoma map.
  • Sign in as Guest or with Facebook or Google, if desired.
  • Accept the License Agreement.
  • Search for an address in the white box in the upper left of the screen.If you are requesting a new address, type an address near where you are needing your address.If you are requesting an address validation, type the address you are trying to validate.
  • Select Verify Structure in the lower left corner.Click on the map where you are needing the address (either new or verified).
  • A window will pop up.If you clicked on a new location, the latitude and longitude will appear.If you clicked on an address point, the address will appear instead.Fill in the window with your information.If this is for a new structure not sharing a driveway with an existing addressed structure, in the Additional Notes at the bottom of the window, provide the color of the flag used at the staked driveway.
  • Once you press Submit, an email will be sent to the Mayes County 911 Coordinator.Please allow 3-5 business days for a response from the 911 Coordinator.Note that new addresses requiring a staked driveway are established weekly.

We assign and maintain all the 911 address information for Mayes County including the towns and cities in Mayes County.

If you are building a new house inside Mayes County, you will need to contact our addressing department and receive a 911 address before you are able to receive utilities to the property.

The process of getting a 911 address usually takes 3-5 business days after receiving your information. Information you should have available to expedite this service include the 911 address of your closest neighbor and the road number (or name) that runs in front of your driveway (the road your primary drive connects to).

If you are outside a platted area and do not share a driveway with an existing addressed structure, you must mark your driveway location with a flag and marker with your last name before we can assign the new address.

You will need this 911 address even if you plan to use a Post Office Box for mail delivery.

The most important purpose in having a 911 address is for locating your home in case of an emergency. You must place your address number at the end of your driveway near the road. If your address isn't posted for emergency responders, they may not be able to find your home in an emergency. It is also the law. Mayes County residents are required to post their 911 addresses near the end of the driveway. For more information about this, please call the 911 Director.