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I.C.E. Program

If you should ever become incapacitated in case of an emergency, emergency workers need a quick way to find out who they should contact. Emergency personnel often waste valuable time trying to figure out which name in a cell phone may be an emergency contact for a victim when disaster strikes. Emergency personnel could greatly benefit speaking to a family member or friend so you can get the medical attention you need as soon as possible. The I.C.E. Program was developed as a free and easy way to help emergency workers help you. "ICE" stands for "In Case of Emergency." There is no doubt if you should ever need emergency services in Mayes County, you will receive to very best care to your personal health and safety. Knowing very pertinent information such as previous medical history or medication allergies as soon as possible will only help the outcome of an emergency.

All you have to do is put the name of your emergency contact in your cell phone's phone book with the word ICE in front of it. For example, if your emergency contact is Jane, you should put "ICE--Jane" in your phone book. That way, emergency workers treating you can quickly contact Jane to get information that may help save your life. If you have more than one, which is only better in case one is unavailable, you should list them as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, and so on. Please take a moment to put this information in your cell phone today!